Data access

Sentinel Australasia Regional Access (SARA)

SARA is the main access point to the Hub’s Sentinel-1, -2 and -3 data. The interface provides an intuitive map-based data search, download capability and a Python Application Program Interface (API) for advanced user interaction. Sentinel-5P data is only available via the NCI THREDDS server at this stage.

The data is supplied in the European Space Agency (ESA)'s SENTINEL-SAFE format in zip archives whilst Sentinel-5P data is provided in NetCDF format. The files are organised in a simple directory structure, which divides the data files spatially and temporally. Each zip file also contains the product metadata. Note that you must register with SARA before data can be downloaded.

If you are a registered NCI user, you can also access the Hub data through the NCI THREDDS server and file system.

For more information, see Copernicus Australasia Training Material [PDF 11.7 MB].

Who can access the data

The Hub is open to everyone, particularly those who are interested in Earth observation products for:

  • analysis
  • building applications and services
  • extracting information
  • visual references

Helpful tools and information

Python command line tool

The user community has contributed client-side code to facilitate search and access. This includes a Python command line tool that enables the server to be searched by date range and geographic region, and restricted by sensor-specific attributes.

See Australian Regional Copernicus Hub - Contributed Code.

ESA's Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform

ESA provides open source toolboxes for visualisation, analysis and processing of the Sentinel data.

See Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform.

Sentinel user guides

For a high level description of the instruments, coverage and acquisition, and available product levels, see the Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 user guides.

For satellite program information, see the Sentinel Overview.

You can also find further information in the Hub user guide.

Need help?

If you experience any problems with SARA or NCI THREDDS access, contact